School Board Reinstates Teacher Who Abused A Special Needs Student

A woman teacher who violently assaulted a 10-year-old special needs boy was reinstated in Marion County, Florida. After the Marion County School Board had a hearing and reviewed her actions, they saw fit to keep her, despite her violence which was caught on camera.

The video shows Tracey Newton grabbing the boy by his jacket and pulling him around. She also grabs him by the wrist & neck slamming him to the ground and threatening him with a shoe and yardstick.

Uvonda Hill, the child’s mother, said: “Her goal was to break him, was to let him know that she was in charge in her classroom. She told that to the assistant principal that day.”

Although Marion School Board members did vote to reinstate Newton and give her over $16,000 in back pay, the state of Florida is considering suspending her teaching certificate. The family of the boy is also considering a lawsuit against the school district.

The school board claims to have no regrets about reinstating the abusive teacher.



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