Michelle Fields Receives Chilling Death Threats From Trump Supporters [Audio]

by Lina Bryce

Michelle Fields has filed a report with the D.C. police who are now investigating a series of death threats against the former Breitbart News reporter.

The Blaze reports that a man threatened to slit her throat if she refused to drop charges against Donald Trump‘s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Fields pressed charges against Lewandowski for forcefully grabbing her at a Florida news conference, claims which Mr. Trump continues to deny, in spite of the recent video clip and photos of the physical marks on Ms. Fields’s arm.

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Fields had accused Lewandowski of forcefully grabbing her at a Florida news conference, to which Mr. Trump continue to deny these claims, despite the recent video clip evidencing the act that left physical marks on her arms.

Since then, Lewandowksi has been was charged with simple battery and five of Fields’ colleagues have resigned from Breitbart News after the pro-Trump outlet refused to come to her defense.

Fields has now filed another police report, concerning the disturbing death threats she has been getting.

“I know where you live,” the man said. “You’ve got 36 hours to drop the charges. I’m dead serious.”

Fields’ brother also reportedly received a similar phone call and the reporter has received a barrage of threats on social media, as well. The Blaze reported the following, obtained from the incident report:

“I’m going to stab this knife in your heart, just wait,” someone wrote on Instagram,  “I know where you live.”

“You are dead, bitch,” another threat reportedly read. “I have someone watching your every move. See you at the morgue.”

Reportedly, the recent onslaught of death threats have been made shortly after Fox News and Buzzfeed accidentally published Fields’ home address, forcing her to temporarily leave her D.C. apartment which she no longer feels safe in.

According to The Blaze, a police spokesperson said an investigation is ongoing.





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