Looting of School Cafeterias Now the Norm in Starving Venezuela

The spot on the map Bernie Sanders and his supporters once cited as a shining example of socialist policy gone grand has in recent months swiftly fallen into financial ruin as one of the most unmitigated disasters of government incompetence in history. TLR has reported in the past on many of the unfortunate details, but the most recent story, as covered by Fox News Latino, has the situation all the more dire.

According to the report:

“With the food shortage seriously escalating over the last few months in Venezuela, criminals have thought out a new place to steal from: public schools.

In the past two months, the National Federation of Parents (Fenasopadres) received more than 25 reports of break-ins in schools around the country in which thieves took non-perishable food items from the pantries.

The thieves come after dark and the robbery is usually discovered the next morning, which means no food for hundreds of kids that day – or perhaps that week.

“Most schools don’t have any kind of surveillance despite the many requests we have made to the authorities,” Alexander Ramírez, a representative of Fenasopadres, told Fox News Latino.

With the food scarcity index currently at 82 percent, according to local polling firm Datanalisis, groceries and anything edible have become a precious commodity.”

But the most telling aspect of the report involves the cause behind the whole crisis:

“Most of these products’ prices are government-regulated, which is why they become scarce — it creates a black market where groceries are sold at a higher price, translating into a lucrative business for those people call “bachaqueros.”

Once again, government overregulation is the problem. Yay, socialism.

Read the full report HERE.

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