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A Libertarian Activist’s Journey to Help #FreeHongKong

Jon, a libertarian activist also known as @still_too_savage_for_statists on Instagram, was in Hong Kong from November 3rd to November 18th. He raised the money to give out medical supplies in Hong Kong, helped the protesters medically, talked to the people of Hong Kong about politics, was in Poly University before the police took control of it, and experienced first hand the abuses of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to suppress the protesters.

In this video, I discuss with Jon his trip to Hong Kong, the politics of the protesters, why the protesters are for Hong Kong independence, the abuses of the Chinese government against the protesters, the situation at Poly University, and the medical help he provided to the people of Hong Kong. The recent Hong Kong elections proved that the protesters are representative of the majority of  the people in Hong Kong.

The people of Hong Kong tirelesslessly continue to fight not only for their freedom, but also for the lives of others suffering under the tyranny of the Chinese government. America should continue to shine a light on their struggle for liberty and help in any way we can.


Image: Studio Incendo (CC BY 2.0)

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