What you need to know about legal Marijuana in California 

Marijuana has different colorful names like weed, cannabis, and pot. If you are curious about them, you’ll find it interesting to know that marijuana can be used legally for recreational purposes such as consuming cannabis-infused products, smoking, vaping, etc., in California State. Visitors need to abide by certain rules and regulations when visiting San Francisco to use marijuana. To know more, visit


Rules to abide in California for consuming marijuana 

  • Visitors need to be 21 or older than that age to use cannabis and purchase them.
  • Cannabis plant material can be consumed for about 28.5gm or an ounce.
  • Concentrated cannabis can be possessed for around 8gms.
  • Retailed cannabis can’t be sold or given to minors; otherwise, it is illegal.
  • You can’t vape, smoke, consume or eat the cannabis-infused product in public. You also can’t open a package that contains cannabis or any other related products in front of the public. However, this restriction is not limited to business areas, parks, residential areas, and sidewalks.
  • It is considered illegal to vape or consume cannabis in bars, public buildings, restaurants, places of employment, and other locations where smoking is not allowed.
  • While traveling, you can’t take cannabis across the state lines even if the state that you are traveling has made cannabis legal to use
  • Cannabis is legally allowed to consume on private property. However, if the landlord or owner of the property wants, they can ban the consumption and possession of cannabis in their property areas.
  • Cannabis products can be sold by retailers who have a state-licensed establishment.
  • Although cannabis is legal according to California law, you can’t consume or take cannabis on national parks and other federal lands (even if the federal land is situated in California). Ocean Beach, Presidio, Marin Headlands, Alcatraz Island are the few federal lands located in San Francisco Bay Area.



A fine of $100 will be imposed if you consume marijuana in public. Smoking marijuana near a school or areas where tobacco consumption and smoking is prohibited may cause you a fine of $250. Minors who violate the California laws regarding marijuana must finish ten hours of community service and four hours of drug education counseling. Children can’t buy cannabis under proposition 64. If you sell marijuana without any legal license, you’ll be sentenced to 6months of jail, or a fine of $500 may be imposed upon you.


Advertising marijuana

Marijuana products can’t be advertised using language, characters, symbols, and music. You can’t see any commercial on marketing weed on TV. Marijuana is designated as an illegal drug by federal law, so advertising illegal drugs are prohibited.


License for marijuana

The license required for distributing, transporting, storing, and selling marijuana is controlled by the state bureau of marijuana control which comes inside the department of consumer affairs. It issues, creates, revokes, and renews state licenses for selling marijuana. State Department of food and agriculture issues licenses to the marijuana growers. For testing and manufacturing marijuana product, the business firm has to obtain a license from the state Department of Public health.



Cannabis has many health benefits that contain several endocannabinoid compounds. These compounds help in easing depression and preventing chronic stress. Your mood gets stabilized, and anxiety is eased if consumed in monitored strength. You can contact an attorney to know more legal advice about cannabis and California’s legal or federal law.



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