The Left Created Their Own Demise

Berkeley riots


By Brett Chandrasekhar

The Left is imploding and every second is another it inches toward its death. The spectacle is simultaneously hilarious and unbearable to watch.

The mainstream of the movement continues to fearmonger against Trump. They caricature him as the devil incarnate and bend the truth at every turn in attempt to fulfill this narrative. Precise and accurate criticisms are available, but the Left spurns those as insufficient for riling up their supporters. They fail to realize that this is a siren call, playing into the Right’s narrative of unfair treatment.

Meanwhile, they protest Trump, day after day after day, at the most ridiculous of times. First, they protested after his election. Then they protested during his inauguration. And now when actual issues need to be addressed, protests have become impotent. The American populace has slowly become numb and war-weary.

Simultaneously, the radical Left accelerates this self-destruction. They assault innocent people and damage private property. By adding violence to otherwise peaceful protests, they create sympathy for those they oppose. They elevate individuals like Milo Yiannopoulos, who gains stature and relevance every time he is attacked or censored. And through guilt by association, they push ordinary people away from the Left entirely.

But beyond their radicalism and their self-defeating tactics, they suffer from a belief system of inherent contradictions:

The Left is dying and it’s their own fault. The only thing that will halt their decline is a radical shift in their strategy and the complete repudiation of their contradictory principles.

Rest in peace, old acquaintance. It’s safe to say no one will miss you.


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