Learn How to Get Help with Your Discrimination Case

Suppose, you need accommodation from your employer due to a disability. But your employer is not ready to give you any accommodation. In such cases, you need to remind your company about your legal rights. There are many cases, where the employer denies that the employee has any kind of disability. In these cases, you need the help of an employment lawyer to talk with your company on your behalf.

What is Disability Discrimination?

Disability discrimination means when you are treated by your employer due to your disability. This kind of discrimination is against law. Because Federal Law does not allow someone to discriminate against people with disabilities. Moreover, the employer must provide reasonable accommodation to the employee. You need to be eligible for protection under this law. You need to have requisite skills to perform the job. Or you need some special accommodation to perform your duties. That is why; you need a lawyer that will tell you whether you are subject to this law or not.

Disability means any kind of mental or physical impairment such as sitting, seeing, walking, hearing, etc. that limits major activity in life. A better can tell you whether your disability condition limits a major life activity or not. Moreover, it can help you asses whether you are within the protection of the law or not. In short, there are so many complications with this law and only a lawyer can help you with it.

Are You Qualified?

To qualify for this law, there are some requirements such as education, skills, experience. Moreover, you need to perform your duties with or without accommodation. If your disability makes you unable to work for many years. Then the employer can decide to fire you. But if you are still able to perform your duties with your disability then you are protected by this law.

What to Do If Your Employer Refuses

Suppose, you have interacted with your employer, but he refuses to accommodate you due to your disability. In this scenario, you need a lawyer to discuss your case. Tell him about your condition and he will decide whether you have a case or not. If you have a disability discrimination case then there are some steps. A lawyer knows all kinds of strategies that you help you win the case. He will also help decide the best course for you.

One of the first step for you is to launch a complaint with EEOC. It is a federal agency that deals with anti-discrimination laws. You also need to launch a complaint in all the related agencies. This complaint is the same as filling in a court.

However, you can also file a lawsuit in the court against your employer. In such cases, you need the help of an experienced employment lawyer that can provide you a full insight into your case. Filing a lawsuit is not an easy process. There can be many complications, so always discuss with a good lawyer before proceeding. Sometimes a little legal advice worth a lot.


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