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Kimberly Klacik (R) in Hotly Contested Race for Elijah Cumming’s Seat

Kimberly Klacik won the Republican Special Primary on February 4th, vying to be the first Republican to ever win the Maryland District 7 seat. In a sure to be hot and contentious race, Kimberly Klacik will be running against the Democrat nominee Kweisi Mfume. 

Mfume is the former President/CEO of the NAACP, and previously held the District 7 seat in the 100th through 104th Congress.

Klacik is the founder of the Non Profit Potential Me, which assists disadvantaged women with career development. She is also a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee. Klacik has also risen to recent stardom after highlighting filthy and uninhabitable living conditions in Elijah Cummings’ district.

Kimberly Klacik’s reports and video sparked heavy criticism of Cummings from President Trump.

Elijah Cummings passed away on October 17th, 2019 following “complications concerning longstanding health challenges,” sparking the special election for his vacant seat.

Following the death of Cummings, Kimberly Klacik announced her candidacy for the seat in the special election, and was met with controversy. NEWSONE ran the headline “Black Woman Who Supports Trump Has The Nerve To Run For Elijah Cummings’ Seat.”

CNN Political Analyst April Ryan responded to the candidacy announcement by strongly implying Klacik was responsible for Elijah Cummings’ death.

Shortly after winning the Republican Special Primary, Klacik took aim at her Democrat opponent. She tweeted a video regarding sexual harassment claims against the Democrat nominee Mfume.

According to the Baltimore Sun, a secret vote was held within the NAACP to not renew Mfume’s contract.

From the Baltimore Sun:

“The secret 2004 vote that ended Mfume’s nine-year run as president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People came shortly after an employee threatened to sue the organization and Mfume for sexual harassment, but also amid other concerns about Mfume’s management, the records show.”

Despite Maryland’s 7th District never being held by a Republican, Klacik feels that she is the right candidate to flip this seat red for the first time. This is a race the entire nation will be watching.


Disclosure: The author of this article is a small contribution donor to Kim Klacik for U.S. Congress

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