John Stossel Obliterates “War on Women” Narrative

“Such mindless egalitarianism appeals to politicians, so governments push more of it.”

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In a hard-hitting new Fox News column, libertarian commentator John Stossel has pushed the boundaries of the mainstream debate over gender.

Stossel questions the notion that statistical disparities between men and women are proof of discrimination, instead arguing that men and women behave differently because the two sexes are wired differently.

Stossel assails establishment feminism as an ideology that rejects science. He says that when he reported on studies about innate differences between men and women, “feminist icon Gloria Steinem told me that gender differences shouldn’t even be studied. She sneered, it’s ‘anti-American, crazy thinking to do this kind of research.’”

“Liberal social engineers may dream of a society where genders are exactly equal, but that’s nonsense,” Stossel writes. “Men and women are different. We should celebrate that difference instead of claiming that women are victims.”

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