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John McAfee Says He Has No Problem Winning General Election Against Trump and HIllary

John McAfee, Libertarian Party presidential candidate and cybersecurity legend, argued that he can crush Trump and Hillary in the general election in a recent interview with US News

“Trust me, I’ll have no problem whatsoever winning this election,” McAfee said on Wednesday.

McAfee argued that if he couldn’t win in a year where political dissatisfaction is mounting, the Libertarians should “give up.”

“If I can’t win in a year when we have dissatisfaction and children on stage, well then the Libertarians should just give up. This is the only chance we have, this opportunity to enter a clown show dressed as and acting like the people who are actually suffering in this country.”

The eccentric millionaire has been engaged a media blitz, appearing on several cable TV shows and being interviewed by Business InsiderHe made waves on social media with his op-ed, also in Business Insider, about hacking into the San Bernardino shooter’s phone, along with his passionate defense of Apple against the FBI.

McAfee has made cybersecurity the main component of his platform, which he says the U.S. is “decades” behind Russia and China on. He also argued that politics have become “kindergarten politics.”

“This personalization of politics has become absurd, and you realize what a farce and a laughingstock America has made of itself. Do you think the Russians are respecting us now? No, they’re rolling on the floor laughing.We should be ashamed of ourselves to the core as Americans that this political charade has reached the level that it has reached. Ashamed! Truly Ashamed.”

McAfee is one of three main contenders for the LP nomination, with Gary Johnson remaining the favorite. Johnson won the LP caucuses with 75.3% of the vote.

However, McAfee argues that he is electable because he’s able to communicate with voters and his “checkered past.”

“When I travel, I’m constantly stopped by people asking for photos. I’m not tooting my own horn, but I have the ability to reach the people. They will listen because I have a checkered background and I may say something interesting.”

McAfee will appear on a Fox Business presidential forum with Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen, set to air April 1st.

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