Jezebel Mocks Death of Mike Pence’s Dog as “October Surprise”


by Josh Guckert

On Wednesday, feminist website Jezebel published an article entitled “An October Surprise for Mike Pence’s Dog: Death.” In the article, writer Brendan O’Connor writes:

Tragedy has befallen the Trump-Pence campaign, which was already struggling, and it comes in the form of that tiny, pup-sized grim reaper who comes for all doggies eventually.

The Slot sends our thoughts and prayers to Maverick and family during this sad time. So does Keith Olbermann.

Though seemingly attempting to be sincere in their condolences, the message (including the title) takes on a strangely whimsical tone. If anything, one wonders why Jezebel would even find the need to cover such a story, if for no other reason than to be crass.

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