Mob of Black Juveniles Attacks White Students at Temple University


By Darnyell Wint

A flash mob type attack took place at Temple University, which “left at least six students beaten and bloodied over the weekend, along with a cop and a police horse.” says the New York Post.

More than 150 teens organized via Instagram to attack students in groups last Friday after a Temple football game. The attacks lasted for about two hours, as the perpetrators played a “cat and mouse game” with officers, stated Temple spokesman Ray Betzner.

The media has reported the assault as “random attacks” that happened for “no apparent reason.” What we do know is that the group consisted mostly, if not all, of black teenagers.

Joe Lauletta’s daughter, Christina Lauletta, was one of the victims of this barbaric assault. Mr. Lauletta had this to say about what happened to his daughter:

Photo: Joseph Lauletta
Christina Lauletta sustained a black eye from the mob attack. Photo: Joseph Lauletta

These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly. Every part of her body is badly bruised. It makes me cry just thinking about it.

Even a Philadelphia police officer’s horse was punched in the mouth by a 16-year-old and a university cop was knocked over when chasing of one of the teenagers on his bike.

So far, about 50 teens were taken into custody, and four have been charged already. Since the group of teens are mostly black and some victims are white, some believe that the attack was aimed at white students.

“There hasn’t been any indication that race is involved in this in any shape or form,” Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford told the New York Post.

Christina’s father said “people should draw their own conclusions about whether the string of attacks against students and cops was racially motivated.”

The father also stated that the FBI was investigating his daughter’s attack to determine if a hate crime had occurred. In an email to The Post, FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski did not confirm or deny such claim.

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