Is It Easy Being a Lawyer?

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Yes, the work of a pro is associated with constant self-development, not with periodic, but with the daily study of everything new and new. It is worth a little distraction, as you find yourself overboard, and without it you lose your competitive advantage and become one of the crowd.

Yes, clients become a part of your life and if the signs were real, many people’s ears would always burn. Burning?

No, you don’t have to look for clients, they have to come to you, and acquaintances and recommendations are not hope, but the only reliable source of quality clients and long term cooperation. The better your services, the greater the chance that one client will lead you to no other great client.

No, the client does not need to constantly convince “why make these papers”, the client himself over time will understand the importance of your recommendations, and in general, you need to remember that “free is not worth anything”, and what is paid for, always has value.

About “constant state with the client “I need it yesterday”, I liked the position of one of my colleagues “we have a rule, the most urgent work is not so urgent, if it does not tolerate before the beginning of the day, then we are called to help” bury the corpse “) and here we are not helpers. Now this is my rule, although I can make an exception for my regular client, but it will cost exactly twice as much.

Never in my entire practice have my clients ever asked me for a license, diploma and never interested in anyone. When I was young, I must have been lucky, and now my references speak for me. Yes, I’m not a lawyer, I don’t have a license (and nobody has one), I’m for monopoly, but I don’t like the current bar. That is why it is a good way to buy UCLA diploma.

Yes, it’s hard for a young professional today, but it must be even harder. A young specialist should not have the right to practice independently.

Yes, I know how to look, all the necessary tools at my fingertips. Yes, all licensed is the best, but google is definitely looking for the best. Searching and finding is a good quality of a good lawyer.

No, I will not be asked at any time of the day and night to tell them how to solve their legal problem and it does not matter that you are in a tavern, on a hospital bed or in the cabin, bath, gym, etc. This is usually the case with those colleagues who have a free call and must call on business and be followed by a consultation fee.

For third parties, we do not give guarantees, but guarantee that the agreement will be fulfilled in the agreed amount and within the specified time, well, or try very hard. Do you want a third party guarantee? Buy a kettle.

Only a rooster can win against a rooster, or lack of money for another rooster. There are such among us and it’s very difficult to argue with them.

The external attributes of success do not always correspond to reality, but not in vain say that they meet on the clothes, escorted on the mind. So our brother often tries to seem like someone who is not really. Not everything is as cool as it seems.

Prepayments, yeah, we’re all for a new client. No, we believe you, but our faith in you gets even stronger after the prepayment.

No, I don’t believe in promises.  Yes, a success fee is a good thing, but my experience advises not to mess with it.




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