Investing in Masternodes Crypto Pool

In the blockchain world, masternodes are not just a central pillar for PoS-type cryptocurrencies. They are also a means of earning money, passively moreover. In this article, we are going to see what a crypto dividends in masternodes and how it can be made profitable.

Managing a masternode is therefore a way to support the cryptocurrency it is used to operate since it allows to validate and process transactions carried out on the blockchain. A masternode also has the advantage of generating passive income, although we will then see that masternode does not mean easy money. In terms of implementation, computer skills are essential if you choose to do everything yourself.

Is a Masternode Always Profitable?

To create a crypto dividends in masternodes, you will have to invest! And depending on the crypto chosen, this investment can be substantial. For example, for Dash, which is the most popular cryptocurrency for the creation of masternodes (the rewards are set at 45%), 1,000 DASH is required, or more than 47,000 euros at the time of writing.

If you’ve already read or heard that masternodes are synonymous with passive income with peace of mind, keep in mind that creating a masternode does not guarantee a return on investment (ROI). It is even possible to lose the money involved in the creation process if the price of the cryptocurrency for which you have created a masternode drops. The costs related to the maintenance of the latter, like the costs for a server, should not be neglected either.

In short, masternodes are essential to the functioning of PoS type cryptos. However, if you thought you could make money easily with a masternode, think carefully about your investment and only commit money that you can afford to lose.

To make money quickly, the trend today is for masternodes as we explained in a previous article. Instead of just having a wallet of a cryptocurrency, you will have to keep a crypto for a while. In exchange for your participation, you will be rewarded in tokens.

So, yes, the masternodes are very interesting and can provide you with passive income, but you still have to find the right crypto dividends in masternodes and we offer right way for best crypto dividends is

We have therefore selected for you the 5 tokens which are very interesting in masternode. However, keep in mind that these are not only the most profitable masternodes, but also the most expensive. In conclusion, we give you the trick to participate in masternodes without spending too much.


Indeed, with the current price of Dash, a masternode is a significant investment because the masternode requires a stake of e 1,000 token shares. This equates to approximately $ 250,000 USD. Likewise, add that at the end of 2017, a Dash reached more than 1,000 USD. Yes, creating a masternode at that time would have cost you a whopping $ 1 million.

The masternodes share 45% of the premium, which represents a little less than 7 dash per month, which represents a very respectable amount. It is clearly the most profitable masternode of all. Every 380 days, the overall premium is reduced by just over 7%. The price is high enough for the Dash to allow you to make a substantial profit.That said, to create a Dash masternode, you still need some technical know-how.


PIVX is a token that aims to be a world reference currency. PVX allows you to request faster transactions and more security in your transfers. The token used is the PIV.A PIVX masternode requires the investment of 10,000 PIV, which represents, at current prices, an investment of just under 20,000 USD.

A PIVX masternode generates a return on investment of around 5.74% per year, so at current prices of around USD 1,000 per year. By itself, it may not be an extremely strong ROI, that’s true. That said, if you believe in the future of the PIXV project, the tokens accumulated during your masternodes will ultimately bring you big, if the currency increases in value.

If you know how to establish a single, stable IP address for your server, you can probably try to configure a PIXV masternode yourself. If not, you may want to examine the services that help you configure it for you and try shared masternodes.


Blocknet is a decentralized exchange, with underlying blockchain technology to facilitate transactions between tokens without any financial entity buying and selling as an intermediary.

It takes 5,000 BLOCK (the Blocknet token) to participate in a masternode. This represents an investment of $ 65,000 USD.

The total annual yield is estimated between 7% and 13%, then divided between 70% in masternodes and the remaining 30% for simple producers. In summary, the masternodes might be able to expect to receive between 5% and 9% of their investments after one year, which, at current prices, would be between 3,250 and 5,859 US dollars.

The documentation is intended for very technical users, and online resources to describe the process in simpler terms are scarce, if not non-existent.


Stakenet is the new name for PoSW. The name of this token is now XSN and, like Blocknet, Stakenet aspires is also a decentralized exchange.

The entry fee for a Stakenet masternode is 15,000 XSN, or $ 7,800 at current prices. With an initial return on investment of 44%, the expected return is around $ 3,500 at the moment.


Zcoin aspires to be a global currency, with confidentiality at the center of its operation. With a protocol called “Zerocoin”.

It takes 1,000 XZC to participate in a Zcoin masternode, which would currently cost $ 15,000 USD. Each year, you should get a return on investment of around 28%, or $ 4,200 at current market prices. It’s always better than putting your money in a passbook A, right?

Zcoin alludes to their masternodes as “Znodes”, and a manual for making one is accessible on their site. It is available on Linux and they indicate that you should be familiar with Putty and know the basics of the code.On the same page, they also offer suggestions to Znode service providers

Conclusion on the Most Profitable Masternodes

Note that most masternodes have been designed in part to facilitate the management of the blockchain it supports. Thus, you will be part of the governance of the project. You will be asked for your opinion on several issues related to the project. Thus, you will no longer be a spectator but also an actor of the project. This is also why many people participate in masternodes.

Of course, they do it in exchange for financial compensation, but if you are interested in a project, this is also the best way to get involved directly.

In this sense, it is strongly recommended not to choose a token only for its future financial profitability. In absolute terms, you are investing in the future of the token and the project. By participating in a masternode, you give your confidence to the project. You also make your voice heard.

Likewise, if you don’t want to break your head with the technical setups, there are shared masternodes which is a great way for you


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