Industries Where Business Beats Government

There’s a debate raging about how far the government’s reach should extend in America and across the world. For libertarians, an overextension of government power is viewed as detrimental to the individual’s freedom. But, freedom aside, sometimes the free market is just better at providing certain services. This offers more choices at a lower cost for customers to enjoy. Here are just three industries in that private businesses always run better than the government.

Space Travel

The state used to have a great space program, which even landed a man on the moon in 1969. This was spurred on by the competition between capitalist America and the communist USSR. However, since then, space travel has been in decline. No government seems interested in investing the required resources needed for space exploration.

Instead, private companies are taking up the slack. From Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk, America’s tech billionaires seem to be making far more progress in this area. It’s thought that we’ll even have humans landing on Mars by 2033. If this happens, it’ll be because of innovative companies like SpaceX.

Technological Innovation

The government has never been much good at producing quality technology. Without any competition, they simply don’t have the incentive to create better, faster, more exciting, and lower-cost products. Meanwhile, companies like Apple and Microsoft are innovating all the time to bring new exciting technologies to the market.

The next stage of evolution will be the metaverse, run by entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg. This will involve more realistic online interactions, using virtual reality and augmented reality to connect with other people all around the world. Only private companies have the financial incentives to create something this amazing.

The Postal Service

All countries have their own state-funded postal services, such as USPS or Royal Mail. These are important because they ensure that everyone can receive packages. However, they can also be slow and inefficient. The free market offers so many more options for consumers, allowing them to deliver mail faster and cheaper.

It’s now easier than ever to look online and find a TNT quote. This quote will be driven down by the sheer number of private companies competing for your business. Companies like Amazon have really raised the bar with regards to deliveries, with many items delivered for free in well under 24 hours. As technology improves, we’ll soon have robots delivering items even more affordably, efficiently, and quickly than human beings are able to. This is something that state delivery services could never achieve.

The government exists to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens. In some areas, though, it’s hardly efficient. In these instances, it’s best to let private companies get on and provide the best services at a low cost. This healthy competition between brands offers customers more choices, helping them be as free as possible in their own country. Private companies are the best in the realms of space exploration, technological innovation, and mail delivery. These are just some examples of the benefits of the free market.

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