How to Use a Throw Blanket for Couch

The cold season is fast approaching. One of the best accessory for this climate is only one thing. Yes, throw blanket for couch. These blankets are come in handy when you want to get toasty in the living room. Imagine cuddling with your lover on a couch beside the fire. Enticing, right?

As time passes and the cold minimizes, only one question is left in mind. How do you style your throws? Worry yourself not. Listed below are some sure ways to accessorize with your throw blanket.

  1.     Chic or sophisticated

If you are going for a more sophisticated look, follow this route. This look is quite easy. However, to pull it off, you need to be more precise in your actions.

For this method, you need to fold your throw into thirds. Then go ahead and neatly drape it on the back of your couch. Make sure the throw is neatly placed.

For this method, you have the option to place it at one edge of your sofa, either the right or left. You also have the option to place it at the centre.

This look will leave your house looking chicer. You have to be careful and precise in folding your throw blanket. You also have to maintain cleanliness and not to over accessories.

Remember, too much of everything is poisonous. If you overdo this look, then you will destroy it. Be sure not to use a lot of pillows on the sofa.

  1.     Throwing over the arm

Throwing over the arm of your couch is also another option. This look has a lot of variations for it. You can decide to go for the chic variant and the lazy variant.

For the chic or elegant variant, follow the following procedure. First of all, fold your throw three times lengthwise. Then go ahead and fold it into two and place it on the arm of the couch.

The lazy variant is the simplest. First, fold your throw into half lengthwise. Follow up by placing it on the back of your couch, flowing to the bottom. Make sure to place it at an angle, add ripples for dramatic effect.

The throwing over the arm is simple. It looks a little less official but does perform its duty. You can also add seat cushions next to the blanket if you want.

  1.     The Imperfection

This is the easiest method you can use. If you rarely have time to do things perfectly, then this is yours for the taking. Note, if not done correctly, it might look bad.

Firstly, take your blanket from the center and hang it from one corner of the couch. Be sure to let it hung loosely. You can also fold in half lengthwise then drape it on the couch.

Then, you can neatly pat or tug on the blanket to make it even. Finally, move back and scrutinize your work. Luckily, if there are any imperfections, use cushions accordingly.


Throws are naturally helpful when the chills come. But, once the warmth kicks in, they become a nuisance. Most of you wonder about methods of keeping your throws neat but accessible. Follow the ideas above, and you will become a pro in when looking for


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