How to Protect Your Rights as a Whistleblower

Any employee, whether working in the public service or private industry, may see something out of place that they know isn’t right. In some cases, public funds may be misused or waste may be disposed of improperly. No matter what a person sees in the workplace, the employee should have the right to speak up without the fear of losing his job.

According to federal and state statutes regarding whistleblowing, any employee that reports a legal violation must do the following:

  •       Bring any concerns to a federal or state agency or their employer.
  •       Believe in good faith that a law has been broken.

It is one thing to break the law but it is another to watch somebody break the law and take no action. Workers that see legal violations are put in a precarious position where they must decide whether to blow the whistle on their employer or to sit back and watch things happen. Quite often it is employees that first become aware of unsafe, inappropriate, or unlawful conduct. It is at this stage that the employee may feel very alone and afraid to take a stand.

This is when it’s important to consult with a Los Angeles whistleblower attorney to get the support you need and to find out what your rights are. You will be legally protected when talking to this attorney and anything that you say can’t leave his office. When you need to get something off your chest and want somebody to talk to, consult with a professional in the field to get the proper answers.

Whistleblowers and the First Amendment

The United States Constitution includes the Fifth Amendment, which allows for the freedom of expression. Many different laws offer protection to whistleblowers in just about every industry. Whether you are working in hospitality, a service industry, medical care, finance, transportation, or any other type of workplace, you have the right to report something that you feel or know to be illegal.

You can’t get in trouble for reporting something and finding out later that it wasn’t a legal violation. You may, however, feel uncomfortable about working in an environment where you think you have spoken up too soon without first gathering up more information. You can talk to a whistleblower attorney to get more data so that you can feel more confident about taking a stand.

You should also get in touch with a Los Angeles whistleblower attorney if you have already reported something and have suffered consequences in the workplace as a result. The company is not allowed to retaliate against you when you make a complaint since this is a violation of your fundamental rights.

If you feel that your rights have been violated you need to understand the protections you have available based on the First Amendment. Learn more about whistleblower laws in the public and private sectors and how they relate to your situation at this site.


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