How the sex market has adapted to the pandemic

The pandemic experienced during the last year and a half has dealt a hard blow to many sectors of the global economy, especially those services that are in direct contact with the public, as is the case of the sex market. 

The harsh confinement and mobility restrictions caused sex workers such as London escort, erotic masseuses or striptease dancers to become unemployed overnight. 

However, far from resigning themselves to paralyze their work, the sex sector has reinvented itself and has reemerged with strength thanks to the intervention of new technologies. 

Taking into account that having sex with a stranger requires an increase in safety and hygiene measures to avoid infection, many professionals, frightened by the risk of virus transmission, have chosen to offer their services online, as in the case of video calls from Sydney female escorts.

This is an innovative way of keeping in touch with their clients, but in a completely safe way. The best thing is that, far from losing the interest of users, virtual sexual relations have increased extraordinarily, generating a real revolution in the sector. 

Many of them lacked knowledge in the use of new technologies, but after creating profiles on social networks they saw how many of their clients subscribed to their channels or continued requesting their services during the de-escalation. 

Rise of dating portals

The use of dating portals or classified ads websites have seen a considerable increase in the number of visitors who have had no qualms about using webcams or videos through instant messaging chats to enjoy an online sexual encounter. Sites such as Simple Escorts have seen how traffic during this period, not only has not dropped, but has increased due to the request for virtual services.

The months of confinement and the subsequent restrictions of social distancing and mobility between different regions have taught us to explore and experience new ways of meeting people and enjoying sex, whether alone or as a couple.

Even this situation has made people looking for a partner or sporadic sex through dating apps more demanding when choosing the profiles to meet, paying special attention to the descriptions they offer, in addition to physical appearance. 

Sales of ‘sex-toys’ soar

Another sector that has experienced a real revolution despite the negative consequences of the pandemic has been the erotic toy market. Until now, there were many who did not dare to introduce this element in their intimate life, whether they were single or with a partner. 

In fact, millions of people have bought at least one sex toy since the beginning of the covid-19 epidemic

The change of mentality and the need to break the routine of confinement caused companies that marketed sex toys connected to mobile devices to enjoy sex as a couple at a distance to increase their sales by 40% in one year.

Erotic toys have gone from being a taboo in society to being considered a playful and trivial object that enhances sexual well-being. 

The hard return of the clubs

The sanitary restrictions imposed by governments have made it practically impossible for strip clubs to open for a long period of time. Their only way out has been to improve their websites to be able to move their parties online and improve the digital offer of escort services to meet the strong demand during the pandemic. 

For those who have been able to reopen their doors in the new normality, professional sex workers have had to take extreme precautions. Thus, in addition to the use of condoms and latex protectors during oral or anal sex, the use of masks has become an additional precaution. Moreover, in practice, those positions are carried out in which one of the two turns his back to the other, in order to avoid a direct face-to-face sexual intercourse. 

In these times of changes that profoundly influence all levels, once again we see how the reinvention of business is essential to adapt to the new needs and behaviors of society.

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