How Feevr Is Using Technology To Help Us Safely Reopen The Economy

It is no surprise that the governmental closures due to coronavirus have dealt a major blow to the US and global economies.  With many retail stores and restaurants shut down, businesses are struggling to stay afloat after being forced to close their doors and stand by witnesses a monumental drop in sales.  Many are hopeful we will see a return to normalcy soon no matter how it may look.  Many times the phrase “new normal” has been used to describe the world we will be reentering after things start to reopen.  We aren’t sure what that normal will look like quite yet.  The only sure bet is that the general public will be anxious to get back to work but still cautious about their potential exposure to the coronavirus in the world around them.

How the public gets back to work and the economy restarts will be a matter of multiple safety and security precautions stemming from the infection mitigation tactics implemented by each state.  We are seeing more and more states open up each month but those openings all look a little different.  It seems most people understand and prepare for some type of PPE measure to keep themselves safe while also beginning to leave their homes and return to their previously regular daily activities.  There are many options for civilians to keep themselves virus free such as wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.  Businesses need options as well to make themselves attractive to customers and showing how they are maintaining a safe and virus free environment.

Feevr Makes it Possible

Feevr is a thermal imaging temperature detection device developed from parent company X.Labs.  This device scans a crowd of people in search of temperature readings to identify anyone that may be exhibiting fever like symptoms.  It works by isolating an individual’s forehead and scanning their skin temperature for fever.  Anything above 98°F will trigger an alarm within the device that will direct the user to the individual showing the elevated temperature symptoms.

Although skin temperature and body temperature seem similar, they do have slight differences.  Body temperature represents the optimal internal temperature for a person’s organs to work at their best.  This temperature holds fairly steady without showing much variation.  Skin temperature offers a bit more variation to the thermal readings.  Since skin is the largest organ of the body, it can show colder and warmer spots depending on location.  The reason Feevr focuses its thermal imaging camera on the forehead is that the temporal artery runs just underneath the skin, giving an fairly accurate thermal reading for internal body temperature.  The benefit is it is a contactless reading removing the need to get close to any individual that may be showing elevated temperature and therefore possible infection with the coronavirus.

X.Labs has paired its patented AI software with other state of the art hardware to bring Feevr into the fold.  With the use of Feevr, businesses are able to begin the process of reopening their doors knowing they have the added security that the thermal detection software Feevr provides them.  The ability to rapidly and discreetly monitor anyone entering their business is one major step taken to safely reopen the doors.

More About X.Labs

X.Labs has proven itself to be a cutting edge software and hardware company combining their patented programs and devices to create some of the worlds leading detection systems.  Outside of their thermal detection system, Feevr, X.Labs has produced the gunshot detection system, SWORD.  The gunshot detection tech that SWORD provides is another line of defense for anyone attending large gatherings such as sporting events or concerts.  This advanced tech can scan crowds of people and isolate any individuals that may be carrying a weapon with its gunshot detection software.  Even outside of specific events, gunshot detection is a needed and beneficial resource for anywhere that needs additional security.  In this day and age, providing the sense of security that SWORD can with its gunshot detection software is priceless in the eyes of everyone.

Separately from SWORD, X.Labs has been working with Vuzix and their smart glasses to pair with the Feevr system.   When Feevr is paired and integrated with the Vuzix Blade smart glasses, users will receive a real-time alert on the heads-up display of these Vuzix smart glasses, allowing the glasses wearer to stay engaged with their environment while also simultaneously receiving critical alerts from Feevr.  This well planned combination will further advance the screening capability and mobility of the Feevr system.  It longer needs to be parked at a set location.  The the Vuzix smart glasses, Feevr can be “on the go” and move around to ensure that all individuals can be checked for any elevated temperature through the feevr temperature detection software.

A Safe Path Forward

Everyone is crossing their fingers that we have seen the worst of this coronavirus and we are on the mend.  The damage done to the economy, although extreme, will be repaired and we will eventually get back to our regular lives.  But before that can begin, businesses need to make sure they have taken all possible measure to provide a safe and virus free space for their customer’s.  Rapid thermal detection will allow businesses the ability to check their customers discreetly without disrupting or slowing down the process.  Quick detection is the key when countless people are entering through the front doors.  Patrons will not want to stand in line and have their temperature taken with a close up gunshot thermometer.  Not only does it slow down the shopping day but it also adds to the general sense of fear that the public has of this coronavirus.

Thermal imaging has come a long way over the years from novelty to well tuned devices.  One area that helps Feevr stand out from the crowd is that it not only has quick thermal imaging but that it translates that to real time temperature detection.  What that means is rather than just showing body heat in the typical blue to red colors, Feevr actually identifies the temperature of the individual.  Therefore, even if the temperature threshold has been set to 98°F, the user can review the temperature reading output and decide if it is worth pulling the individual aside for further testing.

The thermal imaging and temperature detection that Feevr provides will give businesses that much needed critical step toward showing the public how they are taking the coronavirus seriously while still protecting their business and in many cases, their livelihood.  After the abrupt shutdowns of many stable businesses, the economy quickly took a deep dive on further fears of what was to come.  To right this ship, businesses, and the economy in general, need to find a quick balance between being safe and existing.  After the initial shutdown, many business saw their profits plummet to almost zero, while others are hanging on for now but won’t be around if this goes on much longer.  The goal of Feevr and X.Labs is to be the bridge that connects the downward trend to the inevitable recovery that we so desperately need.  The accurate and mobile temperature detection that the thermal imaging provides will be a crucial way to help reestablish the strong and robust world economy.




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