How Does Marijuana Use Affect School, Work, and Social Life of Students?

We all have heard about cannabis, called also marijuana. With the latest marijuana recreational use legalization, some of us became more aware of what this drug is.

Cannabis is especially used among students, but not only. It has medicinal effects on disorders and it helps in treating muscle spasms and pain.

But if you are a student who has to write an essay, is it indicated to consume marijuana? No matter that it is added in foods, it is smoked or vaporized, how does cannabis affect you?

What are its effects on your school or work performance or on your social life?

Let’s start the journey of marijuana and finding out its benefits and the risks of using it.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana, also called cannabis, is a psychoactive drug used for medical or recreational purposes. What is a psychoactive or psychotropic drug? It means that is has a chemical compound which produces alterations in behaviors, mood, and cognition.

Also, it changes your perception and alters your consciousness. Marijuana gives you that “high” or “stoned” state and, depending on how you consume it, it has different lasting effects. For example, if you smoke it, the effect begins right after you smoke it.

And it lasts for 30-45 minutes to one hour, depending on the weed quality and quantity. When you eat it, whether it is a monster cookie or a burger with cannabis oil, the effects should last from three to six hours.

Medical cannabis is very effective when treating chronic pain.

What Are the Effects of Marijuana?

As we highlighted before, marijuana is a more and more popular drug among people. It has both positive and negative effects. If you have to submit a written academic assignment, you need to take into consideration all the effects marijuana has.

Of course, as we highlighted before, marijuana is used mostly by students to relax and relieve anxiety. Other effects might be the presence of mild euphoria and an increased level of well-being.

Marijuana is usually consumed in groups, so the time spent with your friends also increases your overall level of joy and well-being. The most common effect of marijuana is increased food appetite.

However, being a psychoactive drug, it can also cause panic and anxiety, especially if you are using it for the first time. Heavy smokers have got used to its effects and they can control the euphoria and negative states marijuana can cause.

Among other negative effects are short-term and working memory impairment. Cannabis affects the quality of your attention and concentration. So, if you are a writer and you want the best story, marijuana might help you because it also increases creativity.

But, if you are a student who has an essay writing task, the use of this drug might be problematic in such moments.

But, What Are the Effects of Marijuana on Your Life?

All these impairments in cognitive functions, but also the stress relief have various effects on student life. While in some moments the effects of marijuana can only be positive, there are also moments when they are negative.

Your Student Life

You won’t be able to focus as well as before and the attention to details will be considerably lower. And you might need some help with proofreading or editing your essays.

You can find online an affordable service which can help you or use some custom free tools. Studies have found that most of the cognitive impairments marijuana is causing are reversible. But this happens only after 4 weeks after you quit.

Students who are heavy smokers and started smoking in childhood have poorer academic performance. Their ability to think clearly is impaired, as well as attention and memory. And after a long period of heavy usage, some of the cognitive impairments become permanent.

Your Work Life

No matter what your job is, you should not use it at work. Unless you have a medical condition, you should keep low the marijuana usage at work. The achievement of goals will be severely affected. However, marijuana has also positive effects, like the increase in creativity.

It is well-known that artists from all over the world have used drugs to excite their imagination and increase their creativity level. From painters to writers and musicians, all have tried drugs at least once in their life.

Of course, it is never recommended to develop a drug addiction, so take care! Remember that some events might increase your anxiety level if you are not ready to control them.

Your Social Life

Think about that Friday evening with your friends. Whether you are watching a movie or playing board games, in most groups where is a party, there is marijuana.

Being a drug that has low toxicity, the overdose cases are rare. It might act as a stress reliever and might only bring a euphoric state.

Marijuana helps you relax and it increases your level of well-being. It might also help you do better in social situations. You can meet other students and befriend them. But, use it wisely. When taken a high dosage, it might cause anxiety and panic attacks. 


Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that has effects on students’ mental and physical health. Although back in time it was used for spiritual rituals, now it represents a new field of study. Some studies highlighted the medical benefits marijuana has on people who have Parkinson disease.

There is research done at the moment in order to identify the positive effects this drug is having on our health. At the same time, marijuana recreational usage is legalized in countries like Canada, Uruguay and some states of America, where you can find a diverse offer of strains.

It has both positive and negative effects on your health. While it acts as a stress and anxiety reliever, it also causes memory and attention impairment. While it gives you a mild euphoria, it causes disruptions in your learning skills.

It can give you a state of well-being and slow reaction time. Being a student, your priority should be school. So, use it wisely.