Switching from Shaving to Sugaring? You are on the Right Track!

Most of us do not analyze the pros and cons of the various available hair removal options as we start using one to get rid of those unwanted strands. As a teenager, we go by what our friends or seniors suggest and continue with it until we realise how it is impacting our skin, our pocket and our time.

Shaving seems to be one of the most convenient options as you do not require booking a salon appointment for the same. It can be conducted quickly anytime without disturbing one’s budget. Nevertheless, it can prove to be quite a disappointment in the long run. This is why it is recommended to avoid this method of hair removal. If you have already started with it there is still time. You can still switch to a better alternative. Alright, you are already considering sugaring? Let us tell you that you are on the right track. Here is a closer look at why it is a better choice.

Shaving Vs Sugaring –Understand the Difference

Invest Your Time Wisely

Shaving is loved by women of all age groups for one simple reason. The procedure is quick and hassle free. That’s it! Interestingly, most of us realise but turn a blind eye towards the fact that the procedure needs to be conducted recurrently which is as much a hassle. It may not take much time to conduct it but we require indulging in the whole process almost every other day as the hair re-grows within no time. So, are we actually saving time? No! We are spending a lot of time in this futile activity every week/ month/ year.

Conversely, a sugaring treatment session may be more time consuming comparatively however it pulls the hair from roots. As a result, the hair doesn’t grow back for two-three weeks. This means, you end up spending just around an hour every three weeks to get that smooth hairless skin as opposed to spending 10-15 minutes shaving almost thrice a week.

Consider Hair Re-growth

Shaving often leads to hard and coarse hair growth. It may also cause ingrown hair that are hard to get rid of and can mar your entire look. Moreover, shaving may help in getting rid of unwanted hair but it seldom helps achieve a smooth, hairless skin that is worthy of flaunting. 

Sugaring, on the other hand, is an organic method of removing hair. Prepared with natural ingredients, sugar wax paste is soft on the skin and leaves it smooth and supple. The hair re-growth is softer. And the best part is that continual use of this procedure likely diminishes hair growth over the years.

Need we say more? If you are planning to switch from shaving to sugaring then don’t delay further. Just like shaving, sugaring can also be conducted easily at home. You don’t even require worrying about cuts and wounds with this method. We bet you will love the transition. Do let us know if you wish to learn more about sugaring. We shall be glad to spill more details on it!

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