The 10 Hottest Libertarian Women Of 2016

5. Rachel Mills

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.59.26 AM


Another super smoking hot libertarian. Rachel Mills was the communications director for none other than the godfather of the Tea Party movement, the inimitable Ron Paul. No, really you can’t imitate Ron Paul. His son tried and well… let’s not go there.

Rachel Mills is now the press director for the AP4LP campaign. We try not to talk about him too much, because we are biased towards AP. Still, he can’t go unmentioned since she’s the one making him famous right now. But Rachel is also famous, so it’s wise to get back to talking about her again. She’s beautiful, funny, smart, talented, experienced, and pretty much one of the hottest libertarian women that has ever lived.

Thank you Rachel… for existing.