The 10 Hottest Libertarian Women Of 2016

The Libertarian Republic and Liberty Viral have always had a blast producing our lists of the hottest libertarians in the movement today. These are a lighthearted look at the movers and shakers in the movement, and is a veritable “who’s who.” Now remember, this list is in no particular order. Not that you’re going to read this, because I know you won’t, but when the butthurt floweth from the Internet about who is above who or whatever, just remember, we TOLD you that this is in RANDOM order.

10. Zuri Davis

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Zuri Davis is an up and coming star in the liberty movement. An editorial assistant at Rare, Davis is a vocal supporter of individual rights and a proud Rand Paul supporter. Be sure to check out Rare and keep an eye out for Zuri’s work.

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