Hillary Promises Not To Leave Politics


Thomas Phippen

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said she will not leave politics or the public eye, although she won’t be running for elected office.

“I’m not going to leave politics even though I’m not going to be a candidate,” Clinton said Thursday on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Maddow asked Clinton, whose book “What Happened” debuted Tuesday, whether the former first lady, New York senator, and secretary of state wants out of her public life.

“Obviously you have a career in public service behind you,” Maddow said. “You have a life as a public intellectual, now particularly with this book and the way that you’ve tried to approach this. What do you what do you want in terms of your public life from here on out?”

Clinton said she wanted to help the next generation of candidates that has been inspired by activism against President Donald Trump.

“I’ve started a group, which I write about, called Onward Together aimed at supporting a lot of the new, young grassroots groups that have sprung up since the election,” Clinton said. “There’s a really tremendous amount of energy out there … I mean, all of the great work that we have seen since the election, my organization Onward Together will be supporting.”

Clinton launched Onward Together — a play on her campaign slogan “Stronger Together” — in May, using some of the unused funds from her campaign.

“We will also support candidates and we will look for opportunities to try to not only support candidates in individual elections but  — if there’s groups that are fighting the suppression of voting, for example, we will come in and help them as well. So on the political agenda, I’m going to be very active on that,” Clinton said.


Clinton said she will also work with universities to “spend time with young people find out what’s on their minds and, you know, speak out whenever I think its appropriate.”

“I see a really active future ahead of me, and I’m excited,” Clinton said.

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