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Hillary Wants Johnson’s Supporters? She Should Change Her Policies

Rather Than Blaming Herself, Hillary Clinton Blames Voters For Not Voting For Her

By Brett Chandrasekhar

The Clinton campaign recently shifted strategy to going after third party voters, and they’re pulling out all the stops.

For one, the campaign has been in talks with Al Gore, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee in the year 2000. Many contribute his loss due to the spoiler effect of Ralph Nader, the Green Party’s candidate that year. Gore may campaign for Clinton, and his personal experience will undoubtedly be the mainstay of his pitch.

To add to that, her top Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, is spending millions of dollars to talk about how “a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Donald Trump.”

As a third party voter, the more I see of this, the less I am willing to support Clinton (I kid, that’s not even possible to begin with). If she wants my vote, the most effective way to do this is not to criticize me, but to change her own positions.

For one, Clinton can stop being a virulent warmonger. She can apologize for her past mistakes, notably the war in Iraq and the intervention in Libya. She can stop future plans to set up a no-fly zone in Syria. In addition, she can change her policy of giving arms to rebels, arms which typically end up in the hands of radicals.

She can end the NSA, stop its mass surveillance, and give a full pardon to Edward Snowden.

She can “bring to heel” the cronyism in Washington, and for that matter, she can start with herself. She can do what Gary Johnson suggested, and wear a NASCAR jacket with the logos of her sponsors emblazoned on it.

All of this will be pleasing to the Bernie Sanders supporters who have come over to Johnson, and they will even move other Johnson supporters on the margin.

Yes, third party voters dislike Trump. However, we’re not convinced he’s Hitler, nor will we be. Just as Trump has many terrible policies, so does Clinton. But if she wants to bring back the third party vote, she should start by changing herself.

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