Here’s Why Your Business Website isn’t Doing That Great

Do you own a website? Are you struggling to generate revenue from your website? Well, then it’s about time you considered scrutinizing all the weak spots where your website is lagging majorly.

Chances for running a successful online business jump from a mere 0-ish to a whopping 100, when you pay particular attention to the dynamics of your website. Of course, we’ll discuss all the factors and remedies, but before we do that let’s just shed some light on the rise of online businesses.

Did you know 40% of website visitors jump to a competitors’ site because of a disappointing experience? Not only this, but if a website loads after a delay of even a second, then its conversion rate goes down by 7%. For a website, every second counts as a ‘do or die’ situation; it has to deliver and live up to the standards of its prospects, or its owner can simply kiss the dream of becoming the best one, good-bye.

Online businesses may seem like they’re easy to run and maintain, especially in a time like this when a raging pandemic has forced everyone to turn to an e-commerce business to buy groceries for dinner. However, if online businesses are THAT straightforward, then there shouldn’t be any bottlenecks in the way, right? Well, this is where most business owners fail because every business needs a website and every website needs traffic.

Managing to direct a substantial amount of traffic to a website is a daunting task.  Competition is tough and you have to make sure that your prospects don’t only visit your website but also convert. There is no sorcery required to do that, except you need to keep in mind all the contributing factors that go into driving traffic towards your website. Wondering what those factors could be? Let’s take a quick look over here:

  • The first factor that impacts the functionality and popularity of your website is the time it takes to load. Let’s face it, with the availability of high-speed internet, such as that from Mediacom internet service, visitors expect websites to load in a blink. Ideally, one second serves as a sufficient span of time for a website to load, but, if it takes more than 3, then that might be your website’s silent cry for help. Websites that take longer to load do not only make it to the bottom of the SEO ranking, but their bounce rates get pretty high too.

(Cheat Sheet: Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors moving away from your website to another one.)

  • Online businesses spend an arm and a leg on ensuring that their SEO functions at its best. Although attaining a high Google rank requires a lot of time and patience, but once websites get a hang of SEO, there is no other better and long-term strategy to get high rankings on Google.

Many online businesses prefer to look after the SEO of their website on their own, regardless of the knowledge they have about it. On rare occasions, this might work, but mostly it fails because at the end of the day only a professional who knows all the ins and outs of it is in a better position to handle SEO. So, if you’ve got a website that’s been longing for SEO maintenance, then be sure to opt for an experienced SEO expert to handle it.

  • How do you feel when you see a completely irrelevant content etched on just as an irrelevant website? It makes you feel brain-fried, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because websites are often mistaken as a public notice board and we pay no attention to what we’re publishing on it. Since we talked about maintaining a good SEO, publishing relevant content on your website will ultimately bag you high ranking. This will ensure that you don’t end up losing your credibility among your competitors for publishing meaningless content and losing all the traffic that you work so hard to get.
  • Many businesses make another mistake of focusing all of their efforts on content creation, and when it comes to promoting content, they run out of ideas. Content promotion is just as important as content creation, and both of these require similar efforts. Think of it this way, if the content that you’ve created for your website isn’t promoted then you might not even get the traffic you were hoping for. So, concisely, maintaining a balance in creation and promotion is the key.

Our Abridged Narrative

Running websites can be tricky if they’re not abiding by the factors jotted above. Remember, you’re running an e-commerce business and your website serves as the frontrunner for it. If it fails to meet with the expectations of its potential visitors, then there’s no way your business would be able to survive.

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