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Here’s Why People Are Celebrating That Christian Missionary Who Was Killed


Did you hear about the guy who was slain trying to enter a foreign land, whose actions could have caused the locals irreparable harm?

Yes I did, what an idiot. He should have never gone to that island.

What island?

You know, the one near India.

Actually, I was talking about the guy from Nogales who was killed by US Border Patrol for throwing rocks at them in order to assist border smugglers.

But that’s different.

How so?

This article is not an argument about border policy or nation sovereignty. Rather, it’s a critique of the American Left who have found joy in someone being killed for crossing another’s border.

There are differences between the case of the Border Patrol Agent shooting the rock thrower, and the indigenous Sentinelese tribesman on North Sentinel Island killing missionary John Allen Chau. These differences however don’t actually lend credibility to the Left’s sudden inconsistency on border sovereignty, especially in regard to nefarious intentions.

Missionary John Allen Chau may have been a well intentioned idiot. He should have known better, as this same tribe tried to kill him with an arrow the day before and he still came back.

If someone gets hit by a car while running across a ten lane highway, I don’t necessarily feel bad for the person. In fact, I even get a good laugh out of memes that point out folly of his actions:

But this isn’t the same as outright celebrating his death.

Chau could have caused problems by introducing foreign germs and bacteria to people with primitive immune systems. This was incredibly irresponsible.

But that’s not the reason why Leftists are celebrating his death.

They’re glad he’s dead because he was a Christian Missionary.



Suddenly, the Left is very pro closed borders backed by lethal force, as President Trump has proposed on the southern border, so long as the one on the other end of that lethal force is a Christian.

It’s almost like that time The Left was suddenly okay with racial profiling so long as it was used against gun owners during their #NoFlyNoBuy campaign when House Democrats staged a sit in on the House floor.

If you’re a Christian and consider yourself on the Left, perhaps it’s time to #WalkAway. The above comments are what they really think of you, and there’s not a single policy they won’t distort or conveniently self-exempt from if it means disparaging you.

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