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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Hacked, Tweets Racial Slurs and Bomb Threats

[The following article contains graphic language]

A brief yet chaotic scene unfolded on Twitter Friday when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s own account was hacked.

A series of attacks in the last week of August called “Chuckling Squad Hacks” appears to have gained access to people’s phones via AT&T SIM Card replacements. Several high profile individuals have fallen victim this way, so far.

An entry on Know Your Meme details the extent of Chuckling Squad:

“Chuckling Squad Hacks refers to a series of hacks performed via AT&T sim card replacement on popular YouTubers and Actors James Charles, King Bach, Etika, Amanda Cerny and Shane Dawson and Jack Dorsey. The hacker, who repeatedly included the phrase “chuckling RN” on Twitter and Instagram bios, hacked accounts over a two day period in August 2019 and posted numerous offensive tweets, videos, and images to their accounts.”

Hacking Twitter’s CEO’s own Twitter account certainly ups the ante. While the hacker only had a few minutes of access, they did a good deal of damage.

While the Tweets have since been removed from the platform, the internet is forever.

The hacker attempted to get the hashtag #ChucklingSquad trending from Jack Dorsey’s account.

More arbitrarily, Dorsey’s account tweeted that Hitler was innocent, and prompted people to follow Twitter handle @taytaylov3r.

That account has since been suspended.

Still, the hacker used their brief amount of time to Tweet “Fuck Niggers” from the CEO’s account.

Next, the hacker used his hold over the platform to issue demands directly to Dorsey, apparently requesting three small suspended accounts be returned to working order.

It is unknown whether the hacker has any connections to those accounts.

But if you have control of the Twitter CEO’s account, why not post a bomb threat to Twitter HQ, from Twitter’s owner?

Dorsey’s account also retweeted a few choice tweets from other handles.

One Twitter user tagged Twitter Support telling them to “come get your mans.”

Twitter acknowledged that the CEO’s account had been hacked.

But if the Twitter CEO’s own Twitter account can be hacked, is anyone’s Twitter account really safe?

Imagine someone taking over Donald Trump’s Twitter account, whose Tweets have been known to significantly affect the stock market. Imagine the amount of damage someone could do in a very small amount of time.

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