Graphic Video: Man Shot In The Head As Militias Take To Kenosha

UPDATE: On August 26th The Associated Press is reporting that 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse has been taken into custody on murder charges. Rittenhouse is being held in a juvenile detention facility with a public defender assigned to him for charges related to the shooting that killed 2 people and injured 1 other.

Monday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots consumed the city in its most violent night yet. Businesses and car dealerships were set ablaze.

On Tuesday night, it a resistance to rioting began, and people turned out with firearms to protect businesses.

One man was shot in the head in an incident Tuesday evening. Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) who captured the footage has stated that he believes the man shot was a rioter.


Warning: Below video from Hernandez shared by Andy Ngo is extremely graphic.

TheBlaze Journalist Elijah Schaffer interviewed a witness who indicates that the shooter was from the militia group.

The man who was shot has reportedly died from his injuries.

People apparently tried to locate the shooter, and got shot.

But apparently some folks are fed up with rioting, which has resulted in men with guns standing in front of businesses and perched on rooftops to protect their property. Watch some of the video clips below obtained on Twitter:



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