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Top 5 GOP Candidates Who Didn’t Run but Could Have Beaten Hillary

Hillary, Romney, Ryan

by Brian Nichols

It is an undisputed fact that Donald Trump is, by and large, the worst candidate the GOP could have nominated to face off against Hillary Clinton in the contest for President of the United States. With polls showing Trump losing to Clinton by several points (in some cases, double-digits), it’s not hard for some saddened Republicans to think, “what might have happened if we had nominated someone… ANYONE, other than Donald Trump?”

Now, it is easy to look at the list of 16 other candidates who sought the GOP nomination during this election cycle’s GOP primary, but that is too easy. Instead, let’s explore some GOP names who DIDN’T run this election cycle who would have could have beaten Hillary Clinton.

(Note: These candidates aren’t necessarily selected based on policy and principles, but solely their ability to have beaten Hillary Clinton in a general election match-up)

1. Gov. Mitt Romney

This one seems like a no-brainer.  Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, holds strong name recognition across the electorate at large. Not only would he be able to pull moderate and independent voters to his side, but would also rally those “#NeverTrump” Republicans who are boycotting this year’s GOP nominee.

Romney possesses the strong business acumen and charisma that would put him in prime position to topple Clinton in this shaky economic climate. Romney would not only be a safe choice, but a unifying choice.

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