Gambling Culture in Europe and in North America – Striking Differences

Historically, the USA and Europe have a lot of things in common. Americans and Europeans can be defined as Westerns, as they have the same ethical roots, and they are of the same descent. Europeans were the first to settle in America, after all. However, the socio-political, economic, and cultural evolution that occurred both in the American colonies and European territories, led to the separation of the American culture from the European one. Nowadays, we can see a lot of striking differences between these two cultures, starting from the behavior in daily life to some global trends. Let’s figure some of these differences out and see how they influence the gambling culture.

Differences Between the US and EU Gambling Cultures

One of the big differences between Americans and Europeans lies in the perception of distances. While traveling around the states of America, it can be somewhat difficult for you to catch the moment when you’ve left one city and entered another one. This is due to the highly developed suburbs that are not common for Europe, where you can notice big empty territories between most cities. This resulted in a willingness and readiness of most Americans to travel long distances and cross the states’ borders. Europeans, in turn, find it tedious to drive 100 miles long.

When it comes to gambling, American casino fans don’t mind visiting Vegas – one of the biggest gambling centers in the whole world. Millions of Americans visit “fabulous” Las Vegas each year to play their favorite “one-armed bandits”, or poker, or Roulette, or any other casino game. Though Europe does have several big gambling centers like Monte-Carlo and Monaco, most European casino enthusiasts, especially those who live in Eastern Europe, prefer playing casino games at home, in a reputable gaming portal.

One more cultural difference that can be seen in the gambling world is in the advertising system. While it is pretty common to see huge billboards dumped in the cities and along the highways of the US, you will hardly find a poster advertising a popular brick-and-mortar casino or a trustworthy online casino Poland on the roads of a European city.

Of course, the above-mentioned differences are generalized, and there can be some exceptions. However, this is how gambling cultures are developing in recent years.

How Gambling is Regulated in the US and EU?

Gambling is an activity where something of a certain value is risked on the chance to get something of a bigger value. Being driven by the passion to get something bigger and better in a matter of seconds, people created different gambling activities. However, each culture and nation has its own traditions, religious assets, moral rules, and mentality, which causes different attitudes to gambling. Some people find it legal while others – illegal. Some people think of gambling as a way to spend free time with pleasure while others find it dangerous. No wonder Europeans and Americans have different approaches to the regulation of online gaming activities.

Some of the main European principles are freedom of choice and openness. Sometimes, these principles contradict each other. For example, there are no general gambling rules for all European countries. Each government regulates gambling in the way it deems appropriate. Some countries are open to new businesses that are ready to join the online casino industry, and some of them restrict gambling at all. Since Europe relies on open borders, it’s not that difficult for a resident of a gambling-restrict country to move to a gambling-accepting one.

Americans are more straightforward when it comes to online gambling – it is totally prohibited in most states. However, the events of the last 5 years have clearly demonstrated that online gambling is being adopted in American culture. The first five states that legalized online gambling (completely or partially) are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Delaware, and West Virginia. Of course, New Jersey is the leader in the online gambling space. There are many online gaming portals operating in New Jersey, and their number is constantly increasing. Residents of other states, that are not included in the list, can take advantage only of the government-regulated lotteries, poker rooms, and bingo halls.

Where is It Better to Gamble?

As you can see, there is no single unified approach to online gambling. The gaming regulations are always changing in some countries, which shows how cultural and social factors affect the gambling industry. However, what we know for sure is that online gambling is fun. Whether you are in Europe or America, online casino games should bring you only pleasure and positive emotions. When you stop considering gambling as a way to earn for a living, it will definitely start fulfilling its main mission – taking your mind off your daily routines and making your life brighter.


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