Why Your Future is in the Private Sector

As more people become discouraged with waiting for the government to make productive changes, they realize that the private sector is just as effective if not more so when it comes to dealing with education and infrastructure but without the red tape. The future of jobs seems to be in the private sector. The advice that millennials should heed when choosing their major or planning a career is to stop thinking that the way to change the world is through the becoming a public servant and look to business to make the real changes.

It will be a terrible waste to work for a degree for four long years or enroll in a master’s program when you discover that the ideas that inspired it are irrelevant.

The only thing worse than putting all your eggs in one basket is put them into the wrong basket. People should pursue degrees with a view towards contributing to the private sector and promoting business. Click here to learn more about USC’s online mpa program and consider ways to incorporate business into public administration decisions. You can also browse the internet to get more information about USC’s llm masters program so you can become a legal consultant for a business.
Running the Government Like a Business
People in America are only now starting to get the memo that one should run the government like a business. Early experiments with vouchers paid off and have led to a program that cannot only compete with the public education system but prevail. Some may be concerned about leaving something as important as education and healthcare in the hands of private companies, and yet many of these same people work for companies and should realize their entire lives depend on corporations already.
The Educational System
The school voucher system provides more choice than the public school system and is based on the principles of the free market because it can inspire schools to improve in the spirit of competition. There’s no reason for public schools that are guaranteed an influx of cash from taxpayers, to perform well. Students can use vouchers for public and private schools, and that puts pressure on all the schools to perform their best. It is no wonder that private schools of long been associated with stellar academic achievement.
Healthcare and Social Security
Attempts to make healthcare a government issue have met with dissatisfaction and even outrage because of the lack of choice involved and the rising costs. In addition, it will not be long before the trough of Social Security finally runs dry and those preparing for retirement now will have to find private means to supplement it. President George W. Bush’s rejected plan for privatizing Social Security had its flaws, but it was a good start. The issue of pensions has to be taken care of while time ticks away.
Privatization is the key to liberty.  When the government controls vital things such as education, healthcare, and Social Security, it performs poorly. The modern political climate has shown us that most people want control over their own lives and would prefer to have the most important issues depend on decisions by astute businessmen and women rather than outmoded plans of public servants.

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