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Former 9/11 Truther Charlie Sheen Now Loves George W. Bush

Bush “did the best he could.”


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Actor Charlie Sheen once believed former president George W. Bush to be responsible for one of the most horrific crimes of the last decade: the September 11th attacks. In 2009, Sheen said that the Bush administration had staged the attacks in order to justify the invasion of Iraq.

When he met Bush on Monday, however, Sheen thought that the former president was a pretty cool dude. Bush was an “absolute gentleman,” said the actor. “He had better comedic timing in his speech than I’ve had on TV over the last 14 years,” Sheen said of the man he once implicated in the murder of thousands of people.

Sheen also praised Bush’s performance as president. “He did the best he could with what he was confronted with, and it is beyond anything I can comprehend,” he said. The Washington Post reports that Bush won Sheen over with his sense of humor.

Since Sheen opposed the Iraq war and accused Bush of dismantling the Bill of Rights, perhaps the actor is simply looking back with relative fondness on an administration that actually spent less on the military and spied on fewer Americans than President Obama’s.

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