The Ultimate Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights

There are quite a few irritating things that cause no problem when you’re on a short flight. But it’s a whole new ball game when you’re traveling long distances. If half the fun is getting there, then you’ll want to take some time to prepare for a long distance trip.

Generally, if you have to make special preparations for a trip by plane, then you could consider it long. When you’re dangling in the air for 4 hours or more, that’s usually considered long. And there are lots of places that could take a day or even more to get to.

So, here are some things to plan for before you’re up in the sky.

Groundwork First: First things first. Before you do anything for the actual trip, you want to make sure that anything you need to get done here on the ground gets done first. This could include errands, wrapping up some work, or shopping. You also don’t want to worry about where you’re going to keep your car while you’re away. If you live in the Florida area, you’ll be happy to use fll long term parking to reserve your spot before you travel. You’ll be assured that once you arrive at the airport your space will be ready and waiting, and your car will remain safe during your travel. It’s practical and easy to book a spot online.

Be Picky with Airlines: There will always be some airlines more preferable than others. For the long-haul, you don’t want to base everything solely on price and a good deal. Read some airline reviews beforehand. Or if there’s a particular airline that you’ve traveled with before and enjoyed their service, then check them again, even if it’s a bit more expensive.

Be Careful with Connection Flights: Cheaper flights will often have a long connection flight transit if you’re not traveling direct. While it’s good to be out of the airplane, you probably don’t want to add too many extra hours waiting for a connection for an already long trip. 

Pack Essentials: You’ll probably survive the first couple of hours just looking out the window or getting a glimpse of what’s happening around you. Then what? Have some movies, books, snacks, or work with you on board. Sure, you want to pack light, but you will be much better off with a carry-on with the items that make every hour pass quicker. It’s also healthier to get up every so often and walk the aisle when you can.

Dress Comfortably: Never put fashion ahead of comfort for long trips. You’ll want loose-fitting clothes, comfy to catch some sleep in. Even if you have to step off the plane and into a meeting, you can bring them as a change of clothes before you land. 

A good guess might say that a long-haul flight means you’re going to somewhere pretty fantastic! You’ll want to prepare for your trip, so start by doing what you have to do before you travel. Choose your airline and the route carefully, park your car in a safe place, and get yourself ready for a fun trip!  





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