Fight In Publix Caught On Camera [VIDEO]

By: Ryan Carrillo

A cellphone video of a fistfight inside an Orlando Publix was posted to Youtube and is going viral.

According MyFoxLa:

According to the Orlando Police Department, the incident happened after an argument — between a man and a pregnant woman.

Edwin Colon told police he tried to pull his vehicle into a parking space on Monday. A pregnant woman was loading her child into her vehicle. However, Colon says her cart was in the middle of the space he wanted.

The police report says the man asked the woman to move the cart – but the man claims she shook the cart and said “What do you want me to do with it?”

The two began cursing at one another.

Colon went inside the Publix to buy a sandwich at the deli, that’s when he was approached by the woman’s husband.

Apparently that’s when the woman’s husband tried to put Colon in a headlock and he began to fight back.

A Publix employee is then seen breaking up the fight.

The pregnant woman and her husband left the store after the fight.

I’ve heard of some weird pregnancy cravings but never one about wanting your husband to finish a fight you started.

Check out the video below.

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