Farage Suggests a Border Toll to Fund Trump’s Wall


By: Josiah Robinson 

Nigel Farage, a British politician and broadcaster, proposed a solution to fund President Donald Trump‘s “impassable physical barrier” on the US/Mexico border.

Farage, a leader in the UK Independence Party, helped orchestrate the Brexit movement and has voiced support for Donald Trump. He even spoke at a Trump rally in Mississippi during the election.

Nigel Farage spoke to the border barrier on his LBC show shortly after President Trump penned the executive order. He suggested a “daily fee” for workers crossing the border, similar to a toll.


“350 million legal crossings take place every single year between Mexico and the USA,” Nigel Farage said. He thinks this can be leveraged to the advantage of the US.

Farage believes Mexican workers will gladly foot the bill to cross for work. He continues speaking of the border crossings, “they are nearly all Mexicans who cross the border to work in the USA because they earn higher wages.”

“… a daily fee for crossing that border that the Mexicans pay five bucks a day ten bucks a day. Whatever it is they’ll still pay it because the salaries are bigger in America.”

The Briton insists that this pay-to-play system is not erroneous or unprecedented, saying “You know, if I go from Kent to Essex I have to pay £2.50. If I want to cross into Wales it costs £6.50.”

Nigel laid out a reasonable, feasible plan to finance the border barrier. Regardless of the method, he is confident that President Trump will make it happen.

Farage concluded, remarking that “this wall can and will be built.”


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