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by Nicholas Schmieg

Frequently seen atop the media headlines over the last year were titles that included “Why the GOP is Failing,” “Democratic Division Worsens,” and even the occasional “Libertarians Fail in the Year of the Third Party.” America’s media was in love with watching the parties crumble in division, tyranny, and a former governor not knowing what Aleppo was. It poses the question, is it even remotely possible to decide on which party actually did the worst?

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Nicholas Schmieg
Taxation is Theft for Muh Roads.

Hi, I'm Nicholas Schmieg. Born and raised in Towanda, Pennsylvania, I'm currently a sophomore at North Rome Christian School, which has given me some great opportunities in life. One of those opportunities was to compete in the National Geographic Bee. Winning the school bee three times, I competed in the Pennsylvania State Geography Bee twice, finishing in the top 20 of 100 each time. I've always been interested in politics. I was given the chance to go to the Pennsylvania State Capital Building multiple times, once meeting Gov. Tom Wolf, after being a guest page in the House of Representatives. Along with politics, I'm a humongous sports fanatic. My dream job would be opening up a sports agency in Manhattan, and through my clients winning the championships of my favorite sports, like NASCAR, football, and ice hockey. Mess with me, but don't mess with my Steelers. #HereWeGo