Factors to Consider While Buying Firearm Accessories Online

Although a pistol, rifle, or shotgun is perfect as is, nothing’s better than outfitting your gun to match your shooting style. The best part about accessorizing is that there’s so much to choose from, with a vast majority of the accessories you want conveniently available for low prices at online firearm dealers like Omaha Outdoors. As you browse the pages of AR rail covers, click through hundreds of weapon lights, or dig deep into holsters for sale, there are a few things to be thinking about as you make your decision.

What is Your Intended Purpose?

Although you may never fully understand your purpose in life, firearms can help you fulfill your purpose to protect your family as well as bring food to the table. Each gun has an intended use with specific accessories that assist in accomplishing those goals. For example, if you are using your firearm for home defense, red dot sights transform it into a highly effective tool for a variety of scenarios. Likewise, a rapid load magazine such as from Magpul at Omaha Outdoors can be considered for firing more shots per minute. Also, hunting rifles need high-powered scopes and slings, and concealed carry pistols need a form-fitted holster. Identifying your gun’s purpose helps narrow down the accessories you’ll need.

Are There any Restrictions to Consider when Buying Firearm Accessories?

Depending on where you live and what you’re buying, there might be, and this question is best answered by consulting federal, state, and local regulations. In general, some states have magazine capacity limitations that go as low as ten rounds, and other states like Illinois have round limits all over the board depending on the county, so it’s imperative to check laws down to the local level.

Can I Buy a Suppressor Online?

The short answer is yes, you can buy a suppressor online, but there’s a trail of red tape and associated fees you must navigate before your new muzzle device gets into your hands. Although many law-abiding firearm owners see little sense in the strict regulation of these simple sound reducing devices, nonetheless, they are regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA). According to the National Suppressor Association, depending on state laws, to possess this accessory you must-

-Be at least 21 years of age to purchase a suppressor from a dealer and at least 18 years of age to buy one from an individual using a Form 4 to Form 4 transfer.

-Be at least 18 years of age to possess a suppressor as a beneficiary of a trust or member of a corporation.

-Be a resident of the United States, a resident of a state that allows suppressors, and legally eligible to purchase a firearm.

-Pass a BATFE background check.

-Pay a $200 Transfer Tax.

Will This Accessory Make My Firearm Illegal?

Under federal law, most accessories are legal to add to your gun. Occasionally, you will run across an attachment that, once installed, transforms your legal firearm into a Class III weapon, which violates NFA regulations. Installing a vertical foregrip on a pistol or adding a shorter barrel to your rifle may land your gun into a category that needs approval. Sometimes there’s a gray area when adding accessories, such as a pistol brace. Although perfectly legal when used as intended, if you modify it to allow shoulder firing, it now falls into a questionable legal status.

Owning a firearm is an enjoyable venture, and half the fun is accessorizing your arsenal. After considering how you want your gun to function, as well as combing through a bit of legal mumbo jumbo, feel free to customize it to your heart’s content.



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