Fact or Crap? A Review on the Legitimacy of FinMarket

FinMarket is an online broker that boasts of a safe and secure trading environment for its clients. Additionally, it offers education on the forex market and how forex is traded. This is especially beneficial to customers who are new to the trading world. Online trading can be incredibly confusing and frustrating to someone just starting out. Understanding the terminology, knowing how to trade, learning market trends, and figuring out how best to react to changes can be overwhelming and intimidating. By offering training in the market and what trading looks like, FinMarket offers an advantage to its clients. FinMarket even assigns personal account managers to each account opened, so customers get the benefit of one-on-one training, as well as personal advice on risks. This leaves traders feeling more secure in their decisions.

Why Online Trade with Finmarket?

Online trading is gaining popularity. Before a trading company can be reviewed, we must first look at the types of services it offers. So why do people trade online? First of all, online trading can be incredibly profitable. Online trading is also relatively simple once you have a basic understanding of the market. Prior to online trading gaining popularity, people had to visit brokers to make trades. Now, however, a few clicks of the mouse allow you to trade and update your accounts. This requires minimal communication, thus saving you time and effort.

Online trading also offers more cost effective options than trading with a broker in person. Working with a broker costs money out of your pocket, and while brokers are certainly available to advise and guide you through online trades, the cost is still significantly less.

Furthermore, you get real time updates with online trading. Logging in to whichever trader you use allows for updates twenty four hours per day. This makes it easy for you to see the successes and failures of your accounts and make changes accordingly. While some might argue that online trading takes away from that face to face learning opportunity with your broker, FinMarket offers ways to do that through its one-on-one consulting sessions.

Trading Account Options

FinMarket offers four different types of accounts to its customers depending on what size deposit they’d like to make. Clients have the choice of depositing as little as one thousand dollars to get started to more than one hundred thousand dollars. Clients can fund their accounts by credit card, wire transfer, or Skrill, among others. Clients also have the ability to transfer money between different accounts.

What Benefits Does FinMarket Offer?

FinMarket offers clients zero fees on their deposits, negative balance protection, and even SMS trading alerts. The company is also well-regulated. In addition, clients can be sure to have constant access to support when it is needed. FinMarket offers clients customer support that lasts twenty four hours per day for all seven days of the week. If you are wary of trading money and are nervous of the implications, FinMarket allows for clients to open a demo account to learn how trading works. This practice account is funded with up to fifty thousand dollars in practice money.

FinMarket Review: Ease of Trading

In order to do a FinMarket review, we need to consider the types of trading platforms that FinMarket offers to its clients. FinMarket offers a number of trading platforms ranging from basic to advanced depending on what level of trading you are comfortable with. They even offer a mobile trading platform, which is innovative and gaining daily in popularity. Mobile trading platforms allow you to trade anywhere, offering an efficiency that other platforms don’t offer. Furthermore, a mobile trading program means you can stay current on the market at any time of day. The market is constantly changing, and mobile trading allows you to get updates and alerts to your phone, make quick decisions on how to handle your money, and be able to take chances on new opportunities as they arise.

In addition to a mobile trading platform, FinMarket also offers use of the MT4. The MT4, or MetaTrader4, is the standard trading platform across the world. This platform offers many trading tools, such as built-in indicators as well as automated strategies.

Is FinMarket a Scam?

Many might question: Is FinMarket a scam? After all, money is precious and no one wants to risk investing money in a company in which it can be easily lost. The consensus is that FinMarket is not a scam. Rather, it offers a completely safe trading environment backed by K-DNA Financial Services Ltd. and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This means the company must adhere to all regulations set forth by these organizations, making them trusted.

Due to its regulations, FinMarket must be transparent with all of its clients. This means all potential and current clients can access all of FinMarket’s legal documentation online as well as the policies that the company must adhere to. In addition, it works in compliance with the EU’s Anti-Money Laundering Legislation. This means FinMarket goes out of its way to protect clients’ funds and make sure the funds are being used legally and honestly. No client money mixes with the company’s funds.

The only drawbacks to a company like FinMarket are higher trading costs compared to other online trading companies and the requirement of higher minimum deposits in order for clients to trade. If you are looking to trade with minimal money to get started, meaning less of a risk to you, then FinMarket might pose some challenges.

Final Thoughts

Trading with FinMarket offers clients a safe, easy, and cost effective way to trade their money. FinMarket’s ease of use, coupled with outstanding customer service and training programs, helps clients get the most out of their trades. Though trading costs are high, and the initial investment may seem a bit scary, FinMarket does offer excellent educational information for new online traders looking to make some money to help secure a future.


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