8 Changes To Make Your House Pleasant For Summer Season

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Summertime is approaching and we better get ready for the intense heat. Replace your hot coffees with cold coffees and replace your hot teas with iced tea. There are indeed themes and item replacements that need to be done when transitioning from spring to summer as stuff surrounding us can affect the comfort we need when the sun feels hotter.

Is your house too excruciating for summer? Maybe you need to switch it up and redecorate your house that can make it appropriate for this season. Summer can be the best time of your lives but without the right arrangements, it can be too intolerable. These house changes can make your summer fun and enjoyable!

Check Your Bed

Is the summer season affecting your sleep and it feels like it is harder to sleep because of the heat? It is true that summer can be hard to bear with without the right house arrangements. Season changes can be bad for your sleep so make sure you have the best mattress, pillows, and summer-friendly blankets for those who can’t sleep without one.

There are some bed arrangements that are more appropriate for summer. Some mattresses for example are more appropriate for the hotter seasons while some are more appropriate. The bed is where you should be resting and should never be the source of your discomfort. Check if the materials are indeed right for hot days. 

Brighten Your House

You should take note that there are appropriate colors for every season. The darker colors are for fall and winter while brighter colors are for spring and summer. Redecorate your house with whites and brighter colors like pastel yellow, sky blue, lime green or pastel pink and avoid fall or winter colors that are too dark.

Maybe look at colorful ceramic vases that have playful, colorful designs for your space. Although for those who prefer minimalistic designs with less color, just opt for decorations with white colors. Paintings of the sea and the vineyards can be a good decoration as well, impressionistic paintings surrounding the house definitely feels summer-y.

Declutter Your House

Although we recommended some possible house decorations, it would be also good to minimize house displays as well. A more open house with bigger space can feel more cooler and comfortable than a stuffy house.

It is hard to breathe when your house is full of stuff but it is worse when it is not a house design, but it is your house mess, clean that up! A spacious house can create a comfortable and easy feeling during the heat.

Put Flowers Inside Your House

You can also ponder upon flowers that can be decorated inside your house. It can give your house color and can match the fun vibe of the summer. Flowers can give fragrance to your house which will enhance its elegance as well. 

Flowers will give you a fresh feeling to counter the piercing dry effect of the summer heat. It will help your room to feel moist and will give you oxygen as well.

Don’t Cover Your Windows

The sunshine is also a symbol for happiness and light. Let the sun in so you could feel the warmth of the summer season, enjoy the heat and take you sunkissed selfies that are good for your social media accounts.

Besides enjoying the sun, it can also enhance the feeling of spaciousness around your home that can lead to a more breathable, non-suffocating area.

Less Energy Consuming House Air Conditioning

Somehow it is given that you need air conditioning during summer times. However, the biggest hesitation is the energy spent on your bills. 

For air conditioning, there are possible alternatives for you so you can use it more. There are air conditioning with inverters for example, less energy spent and less hassle on your electricity bills.


Some areas are extremely dry when summer comes. Your skin suffers and you will need to dehydrate yourself now and then or else your health and skin will suffer. Humidifiers can produce moisture around your room. 


For those with bathtubs, congratulations. But for those without one or someone who never utilizes it, it is time to realize the significance of bathtubs.

During hot summers, your body craves for water may it be hot or cold but opt for cold if it is summer of course. You may be far away from the pool so your bathtub is the way for you to relax your body. 


Love the summer or not, there are many ways to enjoy it by simply making changes in your home. Utilize your own space to maximize the full joy the hottest season of the year can offer. The heat is not your enemy, it is a friend that can help you live your life to the fullest.


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