Has There Ever Been A Libertarian Society?

The Freedom Report podcast today asks the question of whether there has ever been a historic example of a libertarian society. In his final appearance as associate editor of TLR, Ian Huyett dissects a column that he wrote where he analyzes the multiple historic examples of decentralized societies that one might call libertarian.

Have you ever heard of how Iceland was formed? Well did you know that it was basically started as a way for people to avoid the centralization of power in Norway? Or how about the Xeer legal system? And did you know that taxation was an alien concept to many of the ancient Greeks? And what about the Holy Roman Empire? Was Charlemagne a terrorist abroad but a Ronald Reagan at home? And where does the United States stand in relation to these societies?

All that and more as we bid a fond adieu to Ian Huyett on his final episode of the Freedom Report podcast!

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