Duke University Pledges To Hide International Students From Trump


By Phillip Stucky

Duke University faculty and leadership vowed to help protect international students from President Donald Trump, according to a Monday report from the Charlotte Observer.

The decision came after Trump signed the executive order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-majority nations, including Iraq and Iran. A recent industry study revealed that over 17,000 international students attend classes in the United States from the countries affected by the executive order, the Charlotte Observer reports.

“Duke University is committed to, and is greatly enriched by, the open exchange of students, scholars and ideas from all over the globe,” reads the statement by Duke University president Richard Brodhead and provost Sally Kornbluth.

“We are deeply concerned about the well-being of students, faculty and staff who may be impacted by the policies that have now been put in place, and will join with the rest of higher education to bring these concerns to the attention of policymakers and the public.”

The internal email asks members of the faculty to sign an online petition indicating their support, and goes on to say that the new travel ban poses an undue burden on international students.

“We recognize the importance of a strong visa process to our nation’s security,” the email asserts. “However, the administration’s new order barring the entry or return of individuals from certain countries is already causing damage and should end as quickly as possible. The order is stranding students who have been approved to study here and are trying to get back to campus, and threatens to disrupt the education and research of many others.”

Over 5,000 faculty, staff, and researchers signed the pledge within 24 hours, indicating their full support behind Duke’s decision to keep internal student rolls from the Trump administration, if requested.

The Daily Caller News Foundation was unable to verify if any requests have been made to Duke University officials.

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