Democrats Hate Freedom of Choice

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]t has been said when describing libertarians that they are “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” This is usually seen as being aligned with Republicans fiscally and with Democrats socially. However, while it’s debatable how fiscally conservative many of today’s Republicans actually are, there should no longer be any doubt that the “socially liberal” clause of the aforementioned description is now null and void when it comes to the Democratic Party. Not only have Democrats advocated for the destruction of the Second Amendment and the limitation of the First Amendment, but Democratic politicians are also in favor regulating sexual activities and expanding the war on drugs to include tobacco. In short, American liberals don’t believe in social freedom the way libertarians do, so it’s disingenuous to say libertarians are aligned with them on social issues. Rather, libertarians believe in their own strand of social morality based on individual freedom, distinct from the social views of liberals or conservatives.

It should be noted that the cornerstone of a free society is the liberty to say whatever you wish without state oversight. A recent poll by YouGov shows a majority of the Democratic Party supports removing that right. Also ominous is the fact that Democrats in California have begun to require that schools teach students “affirmative consent” as late as college. They have adopted the mindset of “teach boys not to rape.” However appealing this might seem, it ignores the fact that rape in the US has been steadily decreasing since 1973, and is at it’s lowest rate of occurrence yet. But in order to maintain power, the state needs to make non-issues into issues. Leftists specialize in this.

Recently, the Democratic Party’s supposed support for the “my body, my choice” doctrine was tested by new regulations on E-Cigarettes. Since liberals are by and large spineless, their support for individual freedom caved with little hesitance. Senate Democrats are now calling for new regulations on E-Cigarettes that could endanger the vaping boom. The Senator calling for the bill wrote:

“In the six years since the passage of the Tobacco Control Act, tobacco and e-cigarette companies have had time to develop new, innovative products, many with candy and fruit flavors, to attract and ultimately addict America’s youth…. It is critical that the Administration take swift and immediate action to finalize the tobacco deeming rule in order to reduce tobacco’s harmful effects on public health, and especially the health of America’s youth.”

This event mirrors the ban on tobacco for anyone lower than age 21 in Hawaii and the regulations on soft drinks in New York. The next time a Democrat says they are “pro-choice,” remind them that only applies to gay marriage and killing infants.

The Republican Party may have some decent economic policies and terrible social ones, but the Democratic part has become a party with absolutely no appealing qualities at all. If you describe yourself as “socially liberal,” you can no longer accurately say you’re a libertarian.


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