Debra Messing Gets Pulverized For Photoshopped Trump/ Hitler Bible Tweet

Actress Debra Messing tweeted a photoshopped picture comparing President Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler holding the Bible on Tuesday, claiming to be a signal for White Nationalism.

“A dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis.”, Messing tweeted Tuesday 

Many Twitter users were quick to point out that Messing had distributed a photograph that had been photoshopped and have called out the actress for her viral tweet.

Conservative Youtuber Mark Dice posted the original picture of the Nazi dictator at a rally alongside the photoshopped image in which a Bible was placed into his hands in the comments of Messing’s Twitter thread.

“Like everything made by Hollywood, this is fake. Here’s the original on the left.”, Dice responded.

The responses to Messing’s tweet were not a partisan takedown but also included  posts from the fact-checker Snopes, which also verifies that the picture is a fake.

Radio commentator and Townhall columnist Larry O’ Connor ripped into the actress for “having no moral compass” and attempting to spread hate with false information.

“Except when the Hitler photo is FAKE it ends up being a dog whistle for desperate, hateful people with no moral compass, like you. 

Every time you do things like this, you lose more and more support. 

Just. Stop.”

At the time of the writing of this article, the original post has 6.6K retweets and 13.3k likes.

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