How To Deal With An Anti-Gun Neighbor That Calls The Cops [VIDEO]

How To Deal With An Anti-Gun Neighbor That Calls The Cops [VIDEO]


Try this at your rural home at your own risk.

From VSO Gun Channel:

I didn’t even know that Anti-gun people lived around here. Well apparently someone does and has the nerve to call the cops about people shooting, suppressed in the middle of the afternoon.

The individual who keeps calling, If you are watching, Know this- You can only cry wolf so many times before the authorities start to ignore your phone calls on the basis of misallocation of resources. You are dangerously close to that number. Don’t push your luck dude, lest you actually need their help at a later time.

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  • Marnee DeRider
    November 25, 2017, 3:41 pm

    Is it possibly just a noise issue (not anti-gun)? When you’re not the one making the noise, it can be very stressful if there is a lot of ongoing noise all the time. (I had issues with no less than 12 dogs close by my house once that weren’t trained and it was non-stop barking from 7 AM – 1 AM. It was so bad, I lost $60K moving to a new house.)