Want to celebrate your birthday during Covid? Here’s 3 fun tips!

Want to celebrate your birthday during Covid? Here’s 3 fun tips.

Since the spread of Covid-19 and that leading to a worldwide pandemic, you’re not able to celebrate your birthday the way you used to. But that’s okay because there are worse things going on in the world right now. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that your birthday is still coming up. And there are many ways to celebrate your birthday during these times. That’s why we have come up with 3 ideas to help you celebrate your birthday during the pandemic. Enjoy and you might even take some inspiration from it.

1. Throwback-party

Before big birthday bashes in restaurants or clubs, birthday parties were often celebrated at home, sometimes even in the garden. You can choose to relive this fun by holding an ‘old school’ birthday party. I mean, you also had a great party when you were twelve. And we’re pretty sure you were not old enough to go to clubs and bars as well. So, put on some tunes from when you were a teen (or even younger) and we will guarantee that everyone will dance the night away. Another thing you need to do is order some fun party decorations (Dutch: feestversiering) and party items (Dutch: feestartikelen) such as balloons, crazy hats and paper garland. It might also be super fun to do an activity together. Think about activities you absolutely loved during that time. This might be, picking flowers, singing along to the Spice Girls or Justin timberlake. Want to do something crafty? Let everyone bake their own cookies and cupcakes. This kind of birthday party is ideal for friends and families to have a day of good old fun! 

2. Restaurant at home

If you love good food but you can’t go out to eat, it might be a fun idea to transform your kitchen into a fancy Michelin restaurant. Or, at least you can try. Search the internet for some simple and easy recipes. And look at all the things you can do before the guests arrive, such as cutting and boiling. The next thing you’re going to do is to set the table with your fancy tableware. Imagine: you’re enjoying a 4-course meal, with some soft music in the background and candles are flickering on the table. And you’re enjoying this with your favourite people in the whole wide world. What more could you ask? And we’re sure this birthday will be a lot cheaper than if you actually went to a Michelin restaurant. This will be a birthday you will never forget. If you’re not the best cook yourself, you can always check if you can order dishes from one of the restaurants in your neighborhood. It’s always good to support them and you can enjoy a lovely dish without having to cook, quite ideal! 

3. A fun birthday picknick

Another fun possible birthday-adventure is going picnicking in the park. With some distance, you’re able to invite all of your friends. Ask everyone to bring their own blanket and drinks. Prepare some lovely finger food beforehand which you can then bring to the park. Don’t forget to buy plastic or bamboo plates and cutlery. This will save you some time doing dishes. You can even bring games such as a frisbee or a bat to play cricket. Don’t forget to bring your speakers to blast some music and the vibe is set to enjoy a lovely, sunny birthday party in the park!

We hope you have an amazing birthday this year considering the circumstances. And did you end up doing something else? Let us know.


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