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Cops Gun Down Wheelchair Bound Man (VIDEO)

By Joe Trotter

Wilmington, Delaware – Family members of Jeremy McDole, 28, a wheelchair-bound black man gunned down by three Delaware police officers, called cops’ actions an “execution.”

It all began when the police were called out to deal with what they claim was a suicide attempt.

Video footage shows a cop yelling “drop the gun” while approaching McDole, who was paralyzed from the waist down from a shooting ten years ago, with a shotgun. A shot rang out, at which point the officer pumped the shotgun, chambering another round.

More cops then approach McDole, who was already bleeding, screaming “He’s over here, show me your hands!” When McDole doesn’t immediately complying with the order, the cops open fire, shooting McDole again multiple times. McDole died at the scene of the shooting.

Despite the cops repeatedly yelling to “drop the gun,” McDole’s hands appear to be empty for the entire duration of the video. It has been reported that friends and family of the victim say that he never owned a gun and that the allegations of self-harm are suspect.

The Delaware Department of Justice released a statement that the Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust is investigating the shooting.

Delaware councilman Jea P. Street sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Delaware District Attorney Charles Oberly III saying, “This situation cries out for a fair, impartial and unbiased investigation and determination by experience experts in criminal justice that can readily be provide by the Department.”

The letter goes on to say:

“The regrettable harsh fact of the matter is that this is not the first time that Wilmington, Delaware Police Officers have used deadly force with a disabled African American male. On September 13, 2003, 25 year old Harry Smith, III was shot 31 times and killed by Wilmington Police Officers after he and his parents sought treatment for mental health services at a hospital emergency room. All of the officers involved in that shooting walked away unscathed. This was primarily as a result of City of Wilmington officials intervening and vigorously defending the police officers.”

You can find the full text of the letter at this link.

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