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By Amber Randall

Colleges across the country are putting tampons in men’s bathrooms in an effort to bring about “menstrual equity” in restrooms.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Brown University and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities are just a few colleges who placed menstruation products in their male and gender neutral bathrooms, reports the Chronicle.

The idea is that transgender men, women who transitioned to men, might need tampons because they still have periods.

“That’s become a really popular rallying cry and source of activism on college campuses — the idea that these products should be freely available by the schools that these students attend,” Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, who came up with “menstrual equity” explained. “This problem is eminently solvable, through a lot of avenues, and college-campus organizing is one of them.”

A student proposal for free tampons at University of Rochester won a $5,000 award from the school’s student government. The proposal suggested placing baskets with tampons and pads in some bathrooms, including a men’s room.

“We have smaller baskets in men’s restrooms, but the reason we do that is because there are some men on the campus who menstruate and so it’s just the whole idea of inclusion and making sure that nobody’s left out — it’s a very easy thing,” Lance Floto, a vice president with the student government.

Bowdoin College also put free tampons in their men’s rooms, only to have someone defecate on them.

“I feel like it was either a person who did it as a joke or didn’t understand it, or it was a deliberate thing like, ‘these people aren’t welcome in this bathroom so I’m going to poop there,’ which would be considered a bias incident,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Benjamin Painter.

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    Women that think they are men we usually call Lesbians

    • Korean War Vet

      Women that think they are men are out of their minds.
      Thank you for your service, my Brother!

      USAF: 1951 – 1972; Korea: ’52 – ’53.

    • memestar

      nah we usually call transgender men tbh, lesbian is being attracted to women and trans is identifying as a man, it’s really not rocket science

  • SisFromIL

    Are they putting condom machines in the ladies’ rooms for those fetching lasses who still have their penises? Because some ladies still have their junk.

    • memestar

      the ladies room has condoms anyway in their tampon machines 🙂

  • fnersh

    Transgender men need to get rid of those vaginas to be a man. And that’s only half way.

    • Ciara Lynne

      genitals dont determine gender but nice try. Some people can’t afford the operation.

      • obviouslyrob

        Or don’t want it.

      • fnersh

        Biologically, genitals are gender. The male and female developed over 2 billion years ago and provides for biodiversity.

        • SkepticalMom

          These days, “gender” typically refers to one’s personality, and how closely their personality fits with our current society’s sex stereotypes. For example, society tells us females are nice, nurturing, passive, weak and emotional, while males are adventurous, stoic, strong, rough, etc.

          Sex is what there are two of — males and females. Males cannot become female; females cannot become male. A boy who likes dresses and dolls is still a boy, but some might say his “gender identity” is feminine. I think it’s bunk; I think males and females have all sorts of personalities and we should throw stereotypes out with the trash. Gender is a harmful concept. Gender is sex stereotypes.

  • cetude

    who cares. get a life.

    • memestar

      could say the same to someone who read and commented on an article they don’t care about lmao

  • Darlene

    Dude tbh the tampon dispenser in any Indiana lady bathroom doesnt work, so the men ones would always be empty too.

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  • SkepticalMom

    But wouldn’t baskets of tampons and pads in men’s bathrooms actually be transphobic, due to the fact that it puts transmen on display taking pads or tampons in front of actual men, thereby outing themselves as female? I thought the whole purpose of trans inclusivity is to make trans people indistinguishable from and “just like” everyone else. At least this is the argument given why transkids in public schools can’t be asked or expected to use nurse’s bathrooms or change into gym clothes in gender neutral bathrooms, because it calls attention to the fact that they are different, thereby hurting their feelings and making them feel outed. I don’t see how a biologically female transman taking tampons in front of males in a men’s bathroom would be any different. Some might even consider it worse.

    The SJWs can’t seem to make up their minds. I am very tired of all this nonsense. Men don’t have vaginas. If you have a vagina, you’re female. Identifying as a male doesn’t make a female into a male; identifying as a female doesn’t make a male into a female. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that reality and biology exist.

    • Ali Abdur-Razzaq

      ideally, the tampon dispenser would be inside the stall.

      • SkepticalMom

        But in this case, these ridiculous SJWs are patting themselves on the back for their great job of inclusivity, and the trans people are lapping up the attention like cats with a bowl of cream. On another day, they will protest a basket of tampons in the men’s room as outing and discrimination. It seems transgender people are never happy. They will never be satisfied because they refuse to come to terms with the fact that they are different. It is OK to be different. Trans people would do themselves a huge service if they would just admit the fact that they are trans and not the actual sex they wish to be, and move on, rather than demand the rest of the world go along with their pseudoscience and ideology for the sake of their own validation. The public cannot be forced to accept falsehoods as truth, and it is not discrimination if we do not accept falsehoods as truth.

  • linked1

    If anyone believes this story they’re dumber than anyone even imagined.