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China’s So Polluted, They’re Buying Fresh Air From Canada

What started as a joke has turned into a highly demanded product in China– bottles of fresh Canadian air. The country has become so polluted that people began buying up the bottled air en mass.

Canada’s Business News Network reports:

Finally, a breath of fresh air in Canada’s doom-and-gloom resource sector.

The world may have grown cold to our metals, oil and natural gas but it seems to be going crazy over our most abundant commodity – air.

Edmonton-based Vitality Air has found a market for Rocky Mountain air in smog-plagued China.

Co-owner Moses Lam says the idea of bottling air for sale started as a joke but things started getting really serious when the money started rolling in.

Ironically, his crew has been burning a lot of fossil fuels driving from Edmonton to Banff to fill bottles with compressed air. He claims you can get about 100 hits from a bottle that costs between $10 and $20.

He also claims Vitality Air will never cut costs by filling the bottles with Edmonton air.

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