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Dave Chappelle: “Black Lives Matter is the Worst Slogan I’ve Ever Heard”

by Josh Guckert

Comedy legend Dave Chappelle recently did a show in New York City and took on the major topics of the day. He said that he thought “Black Lives Matter” is a “terrible slogan” and that “enough is enough” (as coined by NBA Player Dwyane Wade) would be a better one.

Chappelle also poked fun at Donald Trump’s tweet about the death of Wade’s cousin, joking that “Oh yeah, now I’m voting for Donald Trump”:

Chappelle said that he wants to vote for Hillary Clinton, but that he and his wife are friends with conservative actress Stacey Dash. He concluded that he thought that what is lacking in America nowadays is empathy. “When did it become just caring about ourselves and not caring about other people?”

This is far from Chappelle’s first foray into political and social commentary. His former Comedy Central series Chappelle’s Show remains renowned for its unprecedented ability to lampoon some of the most serious issues. Particularly on race, the comedian is known for being hard-hitting in both his stand-up specials and his television series.

Unfortunately, he does not allow cell phones or cameras into his shows. Therefore, his performance can only be imagined. However, there is plenty of Chappelle’s provocative past material to enjoy:

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